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Reflecting on Sculpture,  2019 - 2023
From The Museum Studies Series

I The subject matter of these paintings are 3D sculptures and they are part of a larger series titled “Museum Studies.” This body of works confronts how the interpretation and consumption of artworks and artifacts are affected through layered visual or cultural systems of seeing, their institutional display and ultimately my translation into paintings.  

I try to be faithful to the fidelity of the photograph and exploit photographic tropes that differ from our retinal seeing.  My goal is that through my photographic capture. and ultimately through the metamorphosis that takes place through my painting process, is to creates an “alchemic” type image/experience. I am fascinated by the beauty and transformation derived through the views that I curate of these sculptural objects. I find that they present an intriguing subject that question issues surrounding illusion, originality, and our cultural value systems. 

Often viewers initially assume my paintings are digitally printed photographs.  My intension is that after a closer reading, they discover that they are in fact 100% “hand crafted” paintings and a profound shift occurs in their interpretation and appreciation. My hope is that the work is seen not just as a “picture,” or an exercise in craft, but as an intriguing, contemplative, constructed recontextualized image and object.

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