Reliquary Series,  2020

From The Museum Studies Series

More pictures like paintings, paintings like pictures

This series of recent paintings expands my exploration of representing images of artifacts and artworks layered through the system of the museum display. This initial group of paintings are derived from source images I originally took in the Medici Chapel in Florence, Italy.

​I have been fascinated by the macabre beauty and strangeness represented in these intricate embellished devotional sculptural objects, that contain various fragments of Catholic saint’s body parts.  I first represented this subject matter in in the 2003 painting “The Nature of Seeing” which depicts the silver and gilded reliquary that contained the skull of Saint Yriex created in 1220.  I also represented this reliquary in two Culture Mask paintings (2016 and 2017). 

The material qualities of gold, silver and glass provide a rich surface (that I love to paint) that is filled with fascinating reflections and light refractions.  The reliquaries are captivating sculptural artifacts that represent faith, belief and value systems.

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